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Combining open-source software and professional typographic fonts, I provide fast and accurate typesetting services, offering the advantage of increased flexibility at moderate prices.

The core of my work is based on the LaTeX system, accommodating varied typesetting needs, from highly specialised publications comprising complex elements such as formulae, indexes, phonetic symbols, trees, and structural diagrams, to fictional works and reports.

Modifications of content or layout can be performed at any stage, including last-minute changes, and will be accepted free of charge within reasonable limits.


Latest (20.08.2014) addition to the Software section: Problem-Solving Resource (Figure?) Libraries in ConTeXt address the issue of – and provides solutions to – broken support for Resource Libraries (which used to be called Image Databases in Mark II) in ConTeXt Mark IV.

A new Software section has been added to the site (16.05.2011). It will eventually serve as a repository for a number of open-source tools that I am currently working on, which I hope will prove useful for typesetters and indexers in the Linux world – and not only.

Meanwhile, it will just contain brief articles describing my own coding solutions and workarounds to various issues I have encountered while developing those tools. More specifically, they relate to Qt programming, which I have chosen in order to allow my code to be easily adapted to other platforms.

Size Hinting and Word Wrapping in QTreeView deals with the problems arising in the attempt to use the wordWrap feature for items in a QTreeView, as well as the way in which I managed to overcome them.